Telegram Tracker

You may view everything with Telegram monitoring software.

Every discussion. Every second. No matter how innocent or contentious it may be. It’s all yours.

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A Telegram tracker tells you more

Peek in on their private chats

This includes discussions they don’t want you to hear about. But with SpyMonster, you will.

Discover who they’re talking to

To discover who they interact with the most, all you have to do is look at their phone records.

View date & time details

You’ll be able to see it on every message, including those that have been sent and received.


Telegram Tracker
  • Pick your membership

We’ve got everything covered. Simply create an account and select the plan that best fits your needs.

  • Install SpyMonster

We’ve got you covered. Our professional installer will walk you through every aspect of the installation. We made it simple for you. Also, if you want assistance, our 24/7 support is accessible at all times!

  • Dig out the info

Log into your SpyMonster Dashboard and discover the truth about those you care about most. Dispel any concerns you may have in your family relationships and make educated data-driven judgments.

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3 Month

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12 Months

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Have Any Questions?


What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice-over IP service.

What do I need to use Telegram?

All you need is a smartphone or tablet with internet access.

Who can I talk to on Telegram?

You can talk to anyone who has a Telegram account – even if they’re in another country! Just add their username to your contact list.

What's the difference between Telegram and other messaging apps?

Telegram is faster, more secure, and offers more features than other messaging apps. Plus, they have awesome secret chats!

What is a secret chat?

A secret chat is a conversation between two people that can only be read on their devices and nobody else can see it – not even Telegram. Secret chats are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that not even Telegram can read the messages. Plus, you can set timers to make messages self-destruct.

How do I start a secret chat?

Just go to the “New Chat” screen and tap “Secret Chat”. Then choose the person you want to talk to.

How can Telegram be tracked?

Telegram can not be tracked. All messages sent through Telegram are encrypted so nobody, not even Telegram, can read them. Plus, you can set timers to make messages self-destruct. However, with SpyMonster, you can forget about this information as you can track Telegram secretly.

What can Telegram tracker do?

Telegram tracker can provide you with information about the person you are talking to, including their name, profile picture, online status, and much more. Plus, you can set timers to make messages self-destruct.

How do I set up a Telegram tracker?

First, you need to download and install the SpyMonster app. Then sign up for an account and log in. After that, go to the “Telegram” section and click on “Add Contact”. Enter the person’s phone number or username and click on “Track Contact”. Once the contact has been added, you will be able to see their information in the “Telegram” section.

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