How to Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account Newest 2022 Tutorial: A Rundown of What’s Obtainable

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Despite the advantages of social media, available mediums are quite menacing in the hands of people with sinister motives. Take Snapchat, for example; the photo-sharing app burst onto the scene with the best photo-sharing and editing features on the Internet. 

Everyone loved Snapchat filters. These add-ons were goofy and fun, fielding the right color shades needed to make photos look perfect. However, fast forward a couple of years later, and Snapchat has gone from fun and goofy to outrightly notorious. 

Snapchat is now a tool for unfaithful partners to meet someone new, foster an affair, and keep it hidden from their lovers (the disappearing messages feature on Snapchat makes this endeavor feasible).

Even kids take advantage of Snapchat’s self-delete feature to hide improper dealings from their parents. Thus, it’s not surprising to see “how to hack someone’s Snapchat” questions rank as one of the most popular search queries on Google. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to hack into someone’s Snapchat, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can seamlessly gain access into someone’s Snapchat without acquiring a black hat hacker certification.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

How to Hack Someone’s Snapchat With Eyezy 

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When it comes to hacking a Snapchat account, fewer solutions are as comprehensive and efficient as Eyezy. Eyezy is a Snapchat hack tool that grants you remote access to monitor someone’s Snapchat account in stealth mode. 

In other words, the person you’re tracking won’t know you’re spying on their Snapchat stories and chats. But that’s not even what we love most about the app. What blew us away about Eyezy is that you don’t need the target’s password to access their Snapchat account. 

No, we’re not kidding as Eyezy will give you complete access to your husband’s Snapchat chats even without his password. Therefore, you can easily ignore those Snapchat password guesser and Snapchat password finder apps online because who needs them when you’ve got Eyezy running things in the background? 

Another fantastic thing about Eyezy? 

It’s a spyware for everyone. Since Eyezy adopts a hassle-free installation method, persons who aren’t “techies” can download and set up the app with relative ease. What’s more? You just need 5 minutes to go past the hoops of installation.

At this juncture, we know you’re probably wondering how much the app costs. Since, no one expects these fantastic features to be given out for free, this query is valid.  

That said, Eyezy isn’t as expensive as you’re guessing. The app offers budget-friendly subscription plans that cost less than a dollar daily. For us, that’s more than a bargain.

How to Log Into Someone’s Snapchat With eyeZy: Installation Tutorial 

eyeZy is remarkably easy to set up on any Android and iOS smartphone. To ensure you make the most out of eyeZy, here’s our handy installation tutorial to help you get the app running on the target’s cell phone: 

Step 1: Place the Order and Log Into Your Control Panel

Once you’ve downloaded eyeZy as your preferred password cracker for Snapchat, you’ll need to create an account and get a subscription plan on the website. As we mentioned earlier, eyeZy comes with affordable payment packages that won’t require you to break the bank. 

The 12-month plan for Android and iOS goes for $9.99 per month, and the spy app is also currently offering a 30% discount across all payment plans. 

Note: eyeZy fields a Magic Alert feature that sends you message notifications from the target phone every time there’s a new text. You can also tag words that you don’t approve of, and the app’s AI will send you alerts whenever those words come up in a text. Talk about an all-around mobile surveillance application that screams futuristic!

Step 2: Follow the Instructions in Your Panel to Download and Install the App 

Once you’ve paid for the app, eyeZy will send you a welcome email with your unique Control Panel logins. Now, install the app on your partner’s smartphone. 

For those who aren’t tech-savvy, the eyeZy installation process should take around 5 minutes or less. 

However, if you’re using the spyware on an iOS smartphone, there’s no need to download and install it. You can sync the device to the app using the phone’s iCloud login details from your control panel. 

Step 3: All Done! You’ve Hacked Their Snapchat Account

After successfully downloading the app on the target Android or syncing it with the iOS device, you’re good to go; you can now monitor any conversation on your child, wife, or employee’s Snapchat account. 

Since eyeZy requires the target’s iCloud logins to make monitoring on iOS feasible, inputting this information as demanded will see eyeZy establish a link with the target device. Upon synchronization, the app will trawl information from the user’s cell to your unique Control Panel. 

Too easy? We know. Show us a better Snapchat password hack app. We’ll wait. 

NOTE: To successfully monitor an iOS device disabling two-factor authentication is a must. If this isn’t achievable, physical access to the cell phone will come to the fore.

Are There Other Snapchat Hack Tools? 

Spy apps may not be your thing, and you might want to try some other technique (probably because of budget constraints). No worries; we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s our guide on how to get into someone’s Snapchat without a spy app: 

Hack Into People’s Snapchat With Phishing 


Here’s another popular method you’ll find on Google’s “how to spy on someone’s Snapchat for free” search results: Phishing. 

Phishing is a famous technique hackers use to steal people’s financial data, such as bank account details and credit card numbers. 

Typically, it involves setting up a fake login page for any platform (bank account, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on) to convince someone to enter their login details. Phishing hackers usually use emails to pull off these scams. 

For example, you may receive a fake email from Snapchat requesting that you log in to your account to complete a survey. 

However, once you insert your email/username and password, the hacker will receive those credentials wherever they are and use them to gain unlicensed access to your account.

You can use this method to hack your husband or child’s Facebook. However, we won’t advise phishing as your spy medium due to the illegalities surrounding it. 

Also, if you have no experience with web development, you may not be able to create a fake login page. Here, the only alternative is paying someone heavily to make a fake web domain.  

Furthermore, the target will receive an email from Snapchat immediately after logging in to their account, and this information may prompt them to change their password and deny you access. In other words, Phishing lacks the stealth mode feature that is typical with spy apps. 

IMPORTANT: 96% of Phishing attacks arrived via email, and company employees received an average of 14 malicious emails annually. Thus, we don’t recommend using Phishing mails to hack a Snapchat account. If your reasons for spying are indeed genuine, we advise downloading a spy app to monitor your employees, ensuring they meet the company’s goals as long as they’re on duty.  

Snapchat Password Guesser

password guessing

SnapRipper is another one of those tools that come in handy when you’re searching for how to hack people’s Snapchat. 

The app boasts of a Brute-Force add-on that enables it to access the Snapchat website and run through a list of passwords that could help you access the target account. 

While this sounds like it could take forever, SnapRipper claims on its website that it runs through thousands of passwords per minute till it finds the right one. Also, if your password is a low-security combination of letters, SnapRipper’s password guesser can fetch it for you in minutes. 

However, if you used a randomly-generated password, it might take a bit longer. 

SnapRipper uses dedicated server proxies and an API system to ensure that Snapchat’s admin team and bots don’t discover the software’s activities. Consequently, Snapchat doesn’t query you with a captcha, and you don’t have to reset your device’s IP address while the app runs the search. 

While these details sound complicated, the app seems relatively straightforward to use. 

As seen on the SnapRipper website, anyone can use the software package, regardless of their level of tech knowledge. All you’ll need is the username and phone number of the account you’re trying to hack.  

However, there’s a disclaimer. 

On the official website, developers state that SnapRipper is the perfect solution to help you access your account. Nonetheless, they discourage using it on someone’s account. With this provision in place, we advise using SnapRipper for personal use only. 


How to See Someone’s Best Friends on Snapchat?

“How to see someone’s best friends on Snapchat” is another popular search query for people who want to hack a Snapchat account. Snapchat’s Best Friend feature is a list of contacts your lover or child has the most Snaps with. 

If you’re in a romantic relationship and you suspect your partner is cheating, this list could help you find out who the other person is. Parents can also use it to decipher who their child hangs out with and how potentially dangerous they might be. 

To get up to speed with someone’s best friend on Snapchat, you’ll need a spy app. Spyware, such as eyeZy, grants you access to Snaps (sent and received) on your child’s account. With trawled data made available on your eyeZy dashboard, you can know their best friends. 
You could also use the keylogger feature to figure out their password and log in to their account directly to see their Snaps. Using this tool, you’ll have a record of your child’s logins when they log into their Snapchat. 

How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat for Free?

Well, this question is also quite popular among parents and employers looking to access someone’s Snapchat account. Most people can’t afford spy apps. Thus, they look towards free alternatives.

There are several free Snapchat hack methods, such as the SnapRipper. However, these solutions aren’t as comprehensive as spy applications, and some don’t even work. 

With spy apps, you have access to your husband’s Snapchat, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, KIK, and Instagram accounts. 
You can also track his phone calls, texts, and gallery. If you can’t find evidence of his infidelity on Snapchat, it might be time to look elsewhere.

Free Snapchat password crackers only enable you to monitor Snapchat. If your husband’s secret lover isn’t on Snapchat, you’re wasting time hacking his account. Imagine going through all that with the risk of getting caught and still not finding the evidence you need? 
If you asked us, though, we’d recommend sticking to the comprehensive solutions spy apps offer rather than free Snapchat hack techniques. 

Is Password Cracker For Snapchat Reliable? 

No. Most Snapchat password crackers are unreliable software packages that are generally a waste of money and time. 

While some of these apps claim to accurately guess the password of a Snapchat account from the target’s phone number or username, there’s little evidence that they can do this. 

In times of uncertainty, spy apps should be your go-to tool if you’re looking for an efficient way to hack into someone’s Snapchat account. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the password to a Snapchat account (or any social media app) can prove daunting. However, spy apps ensure you can avoid the stress of hacking a Snapchat account independently or using some phony mobile spy tools. 

With spy apps, you’re not just gaining access to your husband’s Snapchat account but everything else on his phone, including his other social media chat inboxes, phone calls, and SMS. 

As such, even if what you’re looking for isn’t on his Snapchat account, you can go through every detail on his iOS or Android smartphone to confirm whether or not the rumors are true.

Thankfully, our how to hack a Snapchat account tutorial has offered you eyeZy: an efficient spy app you can trust. Therefore, you won’t spend needless time searching for a Snapchat spy app on your own. 

How to Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account Newest 2022 Tutorial: A Rundown of What’s Obtainable

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