How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating? | 12 Telltale Signs That She’s Cheating

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating? | 12 Telltale Signs That She’s Cheating

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Falling in love is often a pleasant event that repaints the world in the most beautiful colors and places her in the center of it all. She becomes the single person who makes you happy without even doing anything. You never wish this period ends, and we all hope it doesn’t.

Your girlfriend is your closest pal, and the thoughts of finding her cheating could be overwhelming. However, if you have the gut feeling that something is wrong with your partner, you must verify her loyalty. 

How? By learning how to read the signs of a cheating girlfriend to ensure your following line of action.

A recent report states that cheating occurs in about 15-20% of marriages. Moreover, another statistic says that girls between 18 and 29 are more likely to be guilty of infidelity than men within the same age range. 

These reports can bring a lot of doubt to your mind, and rightfully so. Thus, if you want to answer the nagging “is she cheating on me?” query, here are some helpful answers.

Is Wife Infidelity Common?

No one wants an unfaithful girlfriend or wife. However, current research shows that spousal unfaithfulness in men and women happens at similar rates. Gone are the days when infidelity was attached to the male folk.

However, the statistics don’t guarantee that any girl,  your girlfriend inclusive, is unfaithful. You want to know what’s been going on in your girlfriend’s heart. Perhaps you’ve been worried about her behavior recently and have wondered if she’s seeing someone else. 

If you’d like to clear those reservations, the following segment aims to shed some light. 

12 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

Many relationships start experiencing a few “ups and downs” months after getting together. However, what if you can’t place a finger on the challenges you’re facing with your girlfriend? If you found out the cause, it’d be an excellent place to start amending the situation. 

Nonetheless, if you don’t know, the query on your mind now may revolve around fidelity – “what if my girlfriend cheated on me?”

To catch an unfaithful girlfriend, the first thing you need to do is identify signs she’s cheating on you. 

The following are common signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you: 

She’s Suddenly Getting More Interested in Her Phone Than You

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating

Perhaps this might be something you hadn’t thought of earlier. You probably wonder why your girlfriend’s stuck with her mobile device when with you. At this juncture, you may be bereft of ideas about what might be wrong. 

Well, here’s a catch. Paying attention to your phone more than your lover is never right.

It might help to give her the benefit of the doubt in a short time. Who knows? Maybe she’s hooked up with some new social media group or busy doing something acceptable online. 

That’s fine. 

But if she keeps ignoring you for someone else on her social media profiles, then the chances she’s cheating on you are higher.

She Becomes Very Busy Over the Weekend

Weekends are often for loved ones to get together and relive all the memories – and pressures – they want to share. When things were rosy between you and your girlfriend, you went on dates or spent quality time together. If she suddenly has her weekends fixed without cause, she might be up to something sinister.

First, it’d help if you asked why she effected a schedule change. Most times, the typical “I’m busy” line is bound to pop up when she delivers excuses. 

Let’s get to the bottom of this. Either your girlfriend’s excuses are legitimate, or her attention is drifting to another thing or person. While she’s free to have more time to herself, neglecting you without probable cause is a tell-tale sign she’s cheating. 

She Checks Your Whereabouts More Often 

At the beginning of your relationship, your girlfriend never bugged you over the phone. 

She probably played tough on you, hoping she’d draw more attention from her lover. Most times, she hardly expressed concern about where you were or planned to go months after you got together.

Then one moment, you observe she’s showing extra concern about your whereabouts. If she used to worry about your location from day one, this sign wouldn’t fly. Similarly, if you relocated to a region with serious security concerns, those concerns would be valid. 

However, if she suddenly becomes careful about your whereabouts often, she may be seeing someone else and ensuring you’re not nearby to catch her in the act.

She Has No Future Plans in Your Relationship

Every lover talks about the future with the person they love. You knew every iota of her dreams for the future at the beginning of your relationship. She also kept you in the loop of her whereabouts at this stage.

But just recently, the tides turned without any trigger. Your girlfriend no longer informs you about seeing a movie or attending an event together. Also, she doesn’t tell you about her future endeavors. 

However, this isn’t enough reason to tell that she’s in an affair. Maybe she’s having downtime and probably wants to have time to herself. 

If this continues, she certainly has her attention on something else, and we hope it’s not a positive test to our “litmus test” of tell-tale signs she’s cheating on you.

She Constantly Says or Shows That She’s Unhappy

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating

After you notice inexplicable changes in her attitude, you ask her what the problem is. 

In response, she might say there’s nothing wrong or put up some excuses here and there before eventually saying that she was unhappy. 

Agreed, girls have mood swings and might worry about something they don’t want to say point-blank. However, if she’s unhappy for no apparent reason, she might be seeing someone else.

She Disappears for a Long Time With No Explanation

Do you think your girlfriend is cheating? If the above signs about how to catch her cheating don’t seem convincing, then here’s a possible jinx breaker. 

For example, let’s say you made a 3 PM reservation at a fancy restaurant with her, and she neither shows up nor picks up her phone till 9.30 PM. 

When you finally reach her, she says she fell asleep. Well, one or two hours might be a thing. But who takes a 6-and-half hour afternoon nap? Your girlfriend doing this is a glaring sign that she’s seeing someone else.

She Plans Secretly Without Telling You

Trust is a natural aspect of a relationship, and lovers shouldn’t hold any secrets from each other. Moreover, you don’t spare any details about your work, plans, or social gatherings, and she does the same. 

Then, she stops informing you about her plans out of the blues.

You ask about her whereabouts, and she says she was at a meeting or event you’re hearing about for the first time. However, you can excuse this and give some benefit of the doubt for an occasion or two. 

But if she continues “forgetting” to inform you about her intentions, things are wrong.

She Suddenly Changes Her Looks

A lady’s looks are one of the most important things to her. Yes, that’s why she spends a fortune on make-up and fancy clothes. 

Suppose your girlfriend is the type who never goes the extravagant route. Then all of a sudden, you find her wearing heavy make-up or wearing pretty clothes. 

Let’s say she’s doing all that to impress you. However, she may have a question or two to answer if she’s making those drastic changes when going out alone.

She Becomes Overprotective of Her Phone

She’s been busy with her phone instead of paying you attention. The next thing a cheating partner would do is hide those chats they’re having from their partner. Imagine she comes in one afternoon, and you want to see the pictures she took during your last outing. On picking up her phone, you find it’s locked!

No problems – then you ask her for the password, and she makes up a flimsy excuse for not wanting to insert the device’s passcode. If your girlfriend seems to be sticking to her device at odd periods, she’s shielding her affair away from you. 

She Becomes Defensive and Tends to Avoid Questions

Everyone knows that girls are emotional, and they can hardly hide their feelings. Your girlfriend’s no different, and she’ll feel worried and uneasy about you uncovering her infidelity. A cheating girlfriend acts defensively and will try to avoid answering questions from her partner. 

Here, she tends to avoid the simplest of questions. It’s a no-brainer. Straightforward questions could graduate into more probing and investigative inquiries. 

Suppose your girl was with someone else last night. Answering your questions about her dinner is only a step towards uncovering her unfaithful actions. 

You get the drift, yeah?

She Suddenly Becomes Independent

We’re not saying she should be dependent on you, that she can’t make decisions independently. However, this doesn’t change the fact that girls like it when you get the groceries from the store or fix a broken lampstand in the kitchen. 

She’ll be glad to see you do some service for her, willingly and gladly.

However, you realize that it’s been a while since she called you to fix a broken feature or get her groceries from the market. It appears she no longer needs your assistance anymore. 

Being independent isn’t a bad idea per se. However, your girlfriend becoming overly independent is a cause for worry. 

Here, there are two possibilities: she’s learning to be independent, or there’s someone else around her already.

She Is Just…Cold

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating

Here’s perhaps the most glaring sign that struck you. Your girlfriend’s naturally talkative and friendly. In fact, you were attracted to her charming personality. 

However, just recently, all that has changed with your girl. She stops telling you how her day went or giving you those annoying tickles. In short, your once warm girlfriend is now cold.

Although mood swings can facilitate a lack of desire to show affection, she’s most likely seeing someone else.

Offline Methods for Catching a Cheating Girlfriend | How to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

The advent of technology has simplified the act of knowing how to catch a girlfriend cheating. Today, you have different applications and methods for tracking your significant other’s communication channels.

After finding some signs that she might be having an affair, you want to catch her in the act. Otherwise, there’d be no evidence to facilitate confrontations.

Let’s take a peek at several ways to catch a cheater girlfriend offline.

Notable mentions include:

Checking Phone Bills for Suspicious Calls or Texts

Here’s a method that has helped many partners know whether or not their significant other is cheating. 

Maybe she allowed you to see her smartphone for a moment, and you navigate to her SMS or call logs. Do you find an unfamiliar name appearing too often? That might be the catch. 

But what if she doesn’t let you have her device? Then you need an accurate online spying tool to help. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Searching Through Garbage for Clues 

Yes, this sounds awkward. Who searches the trash for clues? Anyway, you won’t do this forever. If someone slept over at your girlfriend’s place and you intended to visit the next day, she may throw the stranger’s items into the trash to cover her tracks. 

When you get to her house, and you reckon something is amiss, take a look at the waste bin and get a hold of mind-boggling clues. 


Instead of doing the groundwork alone, hiring a private investigator to help you track your girlfriend’s activities for the presence or absence of infidelity can help you. 

Moreover, it saves you the risk of inciting suspicion on her part. Your investigator could use either an online monitoring application or track her offline movements. 

Anyway, it’s their job, and they could use what methods sound best to them. Well, let’s hope they come up with positive news.

Checking Credit Card Statements for Unexpected Charges

One of the ways to catch a cheater is by checking their credit card statements to see if an unexpected charge pops up.

These reports give you an insight into how much she’s spending. However, knowing the intent behind those transactions can prove challenging.

Online Methods

If the offline route doesn’t bring forth success, it might be time to check out the online methods for tracking a cheating spouse. Here are notable mentions:

Checking Social Media

If she sees someone else, they’re likely chatting on social media. Checking her accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is an effective way to bust her conversations. 

Hopefully, you don’t find anything scary. But if you do, read on as we’ll deliver some insight into handling an unfaithful partner in the latter parts of this article.

Looking Through Her Emails

Emails are also another means of communication that cheaters could exploit. If you can access her account’s details, checking her emails would show you her recent conversations. 

The only thing is that an unfaithful partner will most likely keep their passwords from you. Here, you’d want to opt for more advanced tools. 

Tracking Location

A GPS tracker can help you discover her location. You would know the usual areas your girlfriend visits daily. But if your tracker picks an unfamiliar place, you may want to probe further into where she went. 

However, you’ll need more technical tools to catch her red-handed.

Use Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend: How to Catch Her Cheating

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating

Spy applications are legit monitoring software used by millions globally. These apps can track someone else’s phone activities remotely. If you’ve ever wondered or queried about finding a cheater red-handed, this is it. 

With a spy app, you can:

See Your Girlfriend’s Messages

If your girlfriend sees someone, they’ll probably communicate via text messages. 

Spy apps let you see all your partner’s text messages history. You’ll see these texts in real-time from the app’s Control Panel.

Look at Her Social Media Activity

Spy apps would allow you to observe her social media activities remotely. These add-ons grant you access to their WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat chats. 

Check Her Current Location

Spyware fields GPS trackers that can help you locate your girlfriend in real-time. In addition, the most sophisticated spy apps allow you to set danger zones. If they leave these designated areas, you’ll receive an instant alert. 

View Her Call Logs

Are you interested in detecting the five most frequent calls she makes daily? 

A spy app lets you in on your girlfriend’s call history and the duration of each exchange. 

Go Through Her Media Files for Signs She’s Cheating on You

Checking your partner’s multimedia files is one way to know who they’ve seen recently. Go through your partner’s media files to see exchanged images, videos, and GIFs with an effective monitoring app.

See Upcoming Events

People usually mark events on their device’s calendar. Spy apps let you access your partner’s calendar for a detailed list of upcoming activities.

View Installed Apps

Here’s the place to fish out all apps on her device, including any hidden apps with monitoring software. View all installed applications on your girlfriend’s phone plus their content from your remote dashboard. 

You’re probably considering getting one right now, eh? Let’s show you how to install one and start monitoring your girlfriend like a pro.

How to Install a Spy App?


If there ever were a title for the best “how to catch your girlfriend cheating app,” it’d go to SpyMonster or Spynger

Spynger gives you all you want in a tracking app. It’s also easy to use and offers the data you need whenever you want it. 

SpyMonster’s installation process doesn’t take more than five minutes. To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1. Choose Your SpyMonster Subscription

SpyMonster offers different subscription plans. After selecting the device, you’d like to monitor, choose a package that tallies your finances. 

Now, make payment via your preferred merchant. 

Step 2. Install the App

After you’ve made a payment, you’ll receive an email that offers a guide to installing the software on your partner’s device. 

By following the easy-to-understand steps, you’re good to install the monitoring app.

Step 3. Start Tracking

Phew! It’s time to start tracking her device from your SpyMonster Control Panel. Hopefully, you won’t find anything that would hurt you. 

NOTE: Before you use spy apps like SpyMonster, check the rules and regulations surrounding this activity in your jurisdiction.

What to Do When You Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating?

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating

Unfaithfulness hurts, but you must handle the situation rightly for your sake. Did you find signs she’s cheating? First, we advise you don’t do anything like confront her angrily or call her right away. If you’ve wondered about what to do if your girlfriend cheats on you, here are a few ways to handle the situation:

Ask Yourself How You Feel About Her Now

You need to get your emotions together now. Take a walk and take some time alone. Ask yourself how you feel about the relationship. 

Do you think you’d be able to trust her or love her after confirming that she cheated? 

Has She Cheated on You in the Past?

If this isn’t the first time you’ve found out about her infidelity, cheating again might not surprise you. Now, this is it. If you’re looking for a faithful, committed partner, ask yourself if you’ve found the proper girlfriend. If it turned out that she kept failing to keep her promise to change, you might want to rethink the relationship. 

Talk to Your Friends and Fami​​ly

At this point, you need a circle of people who love and care about you. Speak with trusted pals and relatives who are aware of your relationship. The people closest to you can provide immense support during the period and possibly find a solution.

Be Strong – Remember Your Self-Worth

You’ve been hurt by your girlfriend, which could affect your self-esteem. It’s vital to remember your self-worth during this time, as that would help you make the right decision. 

Here, it would be best if you also determined whether your girlfriend would genuinely repent and commit to the relationship.

Confront Your Partner

Confront your partner privately, don’t make a scene. Keep the facts you discovered around to show if she denies cheating. 

Observe her reactions while you confront her and see if she appears remorseful. Did she get angry or show indifference about her unfaithful ways? 

You want to be sure. 

Salvage the Relationship – or Move on

If she genuinely repents, you can recover the relationship. Of course, it’ll be a challenge to trust your girlfriend again, and true healing will take some time and effort.

However, if she doesn’t seem remorseful and willing to stop being unfaithful, do yourself a favor and move on from the relationship. 

Vent out emotionally if you’d like. However, making the right decision for your relationship would benefit you more in the long run. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding out that your girlfriend is cheating is painful, and accusing your partner wrongly of cheating is also dangerous. You need to check out the signs and obtain facts about her activities. 

In this article, we’ve shared tips on how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you and what to do if it turns out she was cheating.

Spy applications like SpyMonster are your best bet to catch a cheating girlfriend. Installing it on your partner’s phone is a breeze. 

You must be physically and mentally right to make the best decisions about a cheating girlfriend. 

If you discover you possibly can’t handle the outcome of your findings alone, speak with a counselor about it to guide you at your critical moment.

How to Catch a Girlfriend Cheating? | 12 Telltale Signs That She’s Cheating

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